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Sc Gecad Technologies Sa
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Sc Gecad Technologies Sa Sc Gecad Technologies Sa 3032080 Bucuresti, B-dul Dimitrie Pompei nr.10A, etaj 2, sector 2, Bucuresti, Bucuresti
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AXIGEN Messaging Solution

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America de Nord

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Founded in 2001, Gecad Technologies is part of a well established group of companies (Gecad Group) of 150 IT
experts based in Bucharest / Romania, developing software solutions for the international market since 1992.

After selling the IPR of RAV AntiVirus to Microsoft in 2003, a dedicated team with 12 years of experience in Linux messaging, security and support services shifted focus to explore new software businesses. Since then, we have been developing innovative messaging solutions under the brand AXIGEN.

Providing high flexibility and ease of administration, our mail server has a special focus on the Linux (UNICES) community and we are currently represented by almost 100 Distributors, Resellers and OEM Partners worldwide.

Our mission is to ensure an efficient and secure world-wide communication environment by
providing professional messaging solutions that support business growth of both service providers
and companies of all sizes.
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